Rashitha Jayasekara

A visionary leader who transforms complex organisations to be more competitive and sustainable through digital technology. Rash leads global technology teams to bring business strategies, operational requirements, and innovative technologies together to create real business value and transformation. As Chief of Digital Manufacturing, Rash focused on driving industry 4.0 (Smart Manufacturing) technologies. To achieve this, he collaborates with functional leaders (Operations, Engineering, Quality, IT etc.), technology vendors and other external organisations (Regulators, Research Institutes, Universities etc.) and creates an enabling environment. Rash is a recognised active ambassador for digitalisation within the industry. He regularly participates and speaks at events and shares content to inspire future digital disruptors. Through engaging people and developing skills, simplifying processes, and choosing the right technology strategy, Rash is empowering everyone within his organisation to be a digital pioneer. To scale digital transformation, levelling the playing field and making technology accessible to everyone.