Donna Bruce

Donna has nearly twenty-five years’ experience in the manufacturing industry and has been living and breathing bespoke lighting manufacture from a young age. As Managing Director of Northern Lights Ltd, she has spearheaded the company’s growth to firmly establish its position as the leading luxury lighting supplier for the hospitality sector. In Donna’s words, “We are more than just a manufacturer; we are creators, visionaries and craftspeople with a burning passion to transform the sublime into the iconic.”

Donna first joined the team working as a temp during school holidays. When her education finished, her intrinsic knowledge of manufacturing enabled her to work her way through the sales function up to Sales Director. Now, as Managing Director, she is using this wealth of knowledge to drive the business ahead across Hospitality, Residential, Commercial and Marine markets globally.

Throughout her career, Donna has recognized that women are still under-represented in both manufacturing as an industry, but also across leadership roles as a whole. She has since paved the way forward by building a strong female leadership team right the way throughout the business, spanning Operations, Creative, Finance, HR & Marketing.

We actively encourage women to join our manufacturing team where we ensure they get mentorship and support. It’s important that we continue to increase the visibility of our female leaders and staff, whilst offering real opportunities for career progression. Women can have a tough time climbing the career ladder in manufacturing – we’re here to change the script.

In 2022, Donna won the Manufacturer Top 100 award across three categories and was voted an Exemplar Top 100 Manufacturer by her peers.