Brian Henry

Pharmaceutical Science is responsible for all small molecule development activities from molecular design in research through to global registration and commercial launch. I currently chair the Medicines Manufacturing Industrial Partnership, am also Pfizer lead on ABPI’s New Medicines and Data Strategic Leadership Group and a Professor of Pharmaceutics at the University of Nottingham.

After my first degree in Pharmacy at the University of Manchester and a year working in community Pharmacy, I completed a drug delivery based PhD at the University of Nottingham. I then worked at GSK in the discovery drug metabolism group before moving to Pfizer to set up a new Pharmaceutical Sciences Discovery support group.

I have led the Global Drug Product Design function, also been the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research leader for the A&R, Pain and GI/GU Research units and a member of the Global Clinical Research leadership team. In addition, I have led Pharmaceutical Science’s intellectual property activities and was a technical due diligence leader for merger and acquisitions.