The Manufacturer Top 100 Nomination Deadline:

Ceremony Date: 5 June, 2024


  • Your nominee must represent one or more of the judging categories.
  • Your nominee/s must have an active role in a company with manufacturing operations in the UK.
  • Individuals should feel free to nominate themselves.
  • Individuals can only be part of The Manufacturer Top 100 once during a three year period. For example, if they were included in 2023, the next year they would be eligible is 2026.
  • Please inform your nominee that you have voted for him/her and please ensure you provide valid contact details for them.
  • Your nomination should contain factual evidence to back up your reasons for their submission. If an individual has increased turnover provide a figure; if they are passionate about apprenticeships and training give an example; and if someone is a diversity champion reference the bodies they are affiliated with to achieve this.

Award Categories


Digital Transformer

An individual who has made a significant impact within their organisation’s journey towards digital transformation. A champion and adopter of digital technologies that has helped move the business from an analogue past to a digital future, and in turn has increased productivity and decreased costs.



Someone who embraces change in order to improve outcomes, and who is able to bring their team along with them. They constantly seek to improve products, processes and/or team-working in service of the customer and the business.


Inspiring Leader

A figurehead who has created wealth and stable employment at a UK-based manufacturer, while remaining committed to developing the value of their manufacturing business through people, processes and technology.


Net Zero Hero

Someone who has been instrumental in inspiring their company to step up to the sustainability challenge and is driving the journey towards net zero within their organisation – shining a beacon on sustainability in the workplace and influencing a real positive change around the green agenda.


Sector Activist

Unlike other categories in the Top 100, this award recognises someone from outside the sector. A non-manufacturer, but an individual who is nonetheless making a positive contribution to support and promote the industry, and the collaboration and integration needed, to enable people in the sector to do their jobs better. Whether that be working for RTOs, training organisations, catapults, universities or other supporting entities.


Unsung Hero

Someone who is instrumental in facilitating the success of those around them and the success of the business as a whole. They are the constants that provide support and knowledge both downwards and upwards within the professional hierarchy.


Young Pioneer

A person who has made an impact disproportionate to their years, providing inspiration for the future of manufacturing in the UK. We’re looking for trailblazers with a bright future that will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Why Enter?

Being a member of The Manufacturer Top 100 means you are recognised for your outstanding achievements in manufacturing and are profiled publicly in celebration, both in the printed publication and on the website, and in the regional and business press.

Top 100 individuals are presented with a trophy and their own copy of the report on the launch evening. Plus, they receive lifetime VIP passes to The Manufacturer Summit events.

They also become lifelong members of a 1,000-strong community of movers and shakers.

The Pledge

What we look for in turn is a sign of the deepening commitment to the sector that being a member of The Manufacturer Top 100 implies. We therefore, ask you to make some, if not all, of these contributions.

  • Pay it forward – Nominate 2 individuals for The Manufacturer Top 100 2024.
  • Share your story – Record a video for the Top 100 website about your career and what it means to be part of the community. Our editorial team will be in touch.
  • Be an active member of our community – Also join us at one of The Manufacturer events, or even better, take a speaking slot.
  • Close the skills gap – Become a STEM ambassador or help a college to do so.
  • Showcase brilliant UK manufacturing – Open your factory doors to schools, universities and the local community.
  • Shape industry coverage – Join The Manufacturer‘s Editorial Advisory Board.
  • Future-proof your business – Employ an apprentice.
  • Recruit the right talent from school age – Build relationships through active outreach with local schools to promote STEM at grassroots level.

It felt amazing to be among some of the most talented individuals across the manufacturing industry within the UK. I felt very honoured to be recognised as an exemplar and it only inspires me to work harder in the future.

Rimsha Tariq, NGF Europe

Key Dates


How do I enter?

A: Via the form on the website – entries are now open for 2024.

Can I nominate myself?

A: Yes, you can nominate yourself

When do nominations close?

A: Entries for 2024 close on 11 March

Can I nominate someone who has already been included in a previous year?

A: You can, but not if they featured in the most recent three years. For example, if they were in The Manufacturer Top 100 2020, they can only be nominated again for The Manufacturer Top 100 2023. Your nomination must say what they have achieved since their nomination.

Can I nominate more than one person in the same category?

A: Yes, but we only shortlist a maximum of five individuals within the same company

Are there any fees involved to make a nomination?

A: No – there are no fees involved in any part of The Manufacturer Top 100

Can I nominate myself or a colleague for more than one category?

A: Yes, you can nominate yourself/a colleague for as many categories as you believe you qualify for.

I have nominated someone - when will I be notified if my nominee has been shortlisted?

A: If your nominee has been shortlisted for The Manufacturer Top 100, you will be notified in April. If you do not receive notification, then your nominee has not made the list this time.